Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DigPharm Tweetlog Digital Pharma Europe, 29-30 March 2010 Berlin

DigPharm Tweetlog from printyourtweets.com

Billed as the first ever Pharma "Unconference" in Europe, I stumbled upon Digital Pharma Europe this week through my twitter feeds. It looks interesting, so I thought I would follow it as I could from my outpost in Bucks County, PA (just north of Philadelphia).

I didn't have the time yesterday to keep up with it in real time, but thanks to the #digpharm hashtag and all you "citizen reporters", I was able to get caught up this morning. Then I thought, why keep this for myself, so here's a PDF of the hashtag log so far. I'll probably capture today's tweets tomorrow morning so come back for more if you like it.

You can do this too just by going to printyourtweets.com...but you have to do it during the off hours because it can really slow down when all the Americans come to work.

Queue the music to Saturday Night Live.....
Live from Berlin, It's Digital Pharma Europe !

DigPharm Tweetlog from printyourtweets.com
DigPharm from Hashtags.org
DigPharm from wHasttag.com

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