Saturday, December 4, 2010

None of Us is as Smart as All of Us

It's a quote from "One Minute Manager", Ken Blanchard. It's also the perfect title for this short blog post.

I've been gathering tweet logs and blog posts from several conferences over the past year. I do a little work to set the stage and the crowd adds content. It's a great model.

If you have any interest in the latest thinking in Social Media / Social Business / Enterprise 2.0 / Crowdsourcing and the like, I think you will find this wiki valuable. It provides full social web coverage for two Enterprise 2.o conferences, the European Enterprise 2.0 Summit, Defrag 2010, and a local Barcamp that I am very proud of helping to organize.

Check it out and make it better: E20 Wiki Workspace

(btw Look here if you want more witty crowdsourcing quotes.)

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  1. I once worked at a company where the management team was so dysfunctional at collectively we were far dumber than any one of us would have been functioning alone. While I agree with the crowdsourcing approach it is imperative to have good leadership, functional team dynamics and a good decision making process. -- Chuck Hall