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133 Curated Tweets from April 2011

It was a hit last month, so here it is again.  My curated list of tweets from April.  As you can see, I focus on Cloud Computing, Twitter, Communities, iPad, Enterprise 2.0, Location Based Services, Gaming, Mobility, Social Business and a few other topics.

My Blog Posts
  1. 150+ links, I tweeted in March, all in one place  
  2. The Upside Down Enterprise Portal
  3. Tune In to the Social Web  
Chat (Twitter Chats)
  1. Transcript for last night's #LeadershipChat now available  on
  2. Forrester: A webpage w/video is 50x more likely to appear on page 1 Google than 1 w/out  
  1. The Future of Microsoft Office is in the #cloud  
  2. HOW TO: Optimize Your Content for the Cloud  
  3. Message from John Chambers: Where Cisco is Taking the Network  
  4. First look at Microsoft Office 365: 
Cloud Crash
  1. This Amazon cloud crash is affecting no less than 4 of my daily activities so far!
  2. Amazon's cloud crash takes many with it
  3. Amazon's failure continues. I expect this will dampen #cloud euphoria a bit 
  1. Community Managers: What They Do, Why You Need Them -- InformationWeek by @cflanagan
  2. More on Community Managers: The Second Leg Of The Social Business Stool
  3. Are you building and managing E2E Communities?

Enterprise 2.0
  1. Corporate Microblogging Helps Employees Migrate Work Convos Online  
  2. Enterprise 2.0: Why All Business Software Must Go Social
  3. Are you culturally ready for #e20 / #socbiz?  &  by @themaria
  4. Social Intranet –The Intersection Diagram  explained very well by @adowbor
  5. Social Networking for Business - WSJ
  6. Looking at IBM's collaboration assessment tool:   Compares your best practices with 450 other firms.
  7. Creating a Social Intranet Where Your Employees can Learn 
  8. To bond or to bridge, is that the question?   by @lammiia 
  9. Congratulations to @GuatamGhosh on your move: Joining Social Business and Enterprise 2.0 firm Qontext
  10. Beyond Quora: 9 Q&A Services for the Enterprise  
  11. 6 Ways to Use Curation for B2B Social Media  
  12. Redefining RSS from tech terms to social collaborative behavior terms  by @dpontefract 
  13. IBM Says Merge your Email into the Activity Stream  
  14. Open the Activity Stream app on the mobile, see what's important to do that day/right now.  
  1. Four Lessons From the Resurrection  by @mhmcintyre
  2. The Privacy of Jesus
  1. Gaming the Enterprise, Part 1 of 2  by Dachis's @tomcummings & @vzrjvy
  2. Enterprise gamification  by @webtechman
  3. The purpose of gamification  
  1. How Are Mac & PC People Different? [INFOGRAPHIC]
  2. In the evolution of the mobile operating system, Apple was a late entry. INFOGRAPHIC
  3. The 5 Best Free Tools For Making Slick #Infographics (by @ambermac)
  4. The Winners & Losers of Social Networking [INFOGRAPHIC]   
  1. iPad 2 gets glasses-free 3D display using front-facing camera for head tracking:  
  2. 5 Great iPad Social Networking Apps  
  3. Ten innovative, unusual and just plain cool uses for the iPad:
  4. News360 iPad App Review  new #iPad App gives you photo news in a unique format.
  5. Revenge of the iPad? PC market tanks in first quarter:
  6. Why the iPad Appeals to Older Users: They stick to basics  
  7. iPad 2 vs. XOOM: sales comparison ugly for Motorola?  
  8. Report: No Apple iPad 3 in 2011:
  9. iOS 5 For iPad Features And News
  10. Ready or Not, iPad, Other Tablets are in the Enterprise  
  11. Sign of the times: iPad 2 heads to Toys R Us
  12. Essential iPad Apps For Network And System Admins | Your Network Toolkit
  13. The Best New Apple iPad Productivity Apps  
  14. Apple may outshine tablet rivals for years
  15. Have an iPad? Get May edition of @wired iPad app free:
  16. iPad for Business Round-Up: Tablets Cutting into PC Sales, Doctors Prefer iOS...
  17. One year after iPad: Is Adobe Flash still relevant?
  18. iPad for Business Round-Up
Job Search
  1. How to Build Momentum in Your Job Search
  2. In transition? Great article about networking from HarvardBiz:  
Location Based Services
  1. Promote Your Small Business Blog with the ShareThis Plugin
  2. Why Location-Based Services Will be the Killer App of the 2012 Elections  
  3. Checking out of LBS  by @peterkim
  4. Foursquare in the Enterprise? The Two-Year Lag from Web 2.0 to Enterprise 2.0  
  1. First Look @MapOmatic replaces your mobile map and shows where friends are:  
  2. NYT: Augmented Reality Comes Closer to Reality
  3. In case you missed it: FDA Issues Rules for Mobile Medical Devices
  4. The 'post-PC era' might be closer than we think  
  5. Mobile Megatrends 2011  
  6. I'm getting more and more convinced that mobile will be the "tipping point" for #e20 adoption too
  7. Why we need the mobile, social, intranet... Mind Blowing Mobile Social Media Stats
  8. Employees Are Using Their Own Devices. Is Your Policy Up-to-Date?  
  9. Square’s Payment Service About To Get A Huge Boost From Apple  swipe a Visa on your iPhone
  10. Socialcast Mobile Feature Release – New Android App (beta) and iPhone Updates
  11. What Will the Smartphone Market Look Like in 2015?
  12. iPad and iPhone Really Taking Off In Enterprise
  13. Rumor: White iPhone 4 in June, iPhone 5 in Sept - Bloomberg
  14. Now I just stumbled upon this gem of mobile resources from @ppk  
Other Stuff (unclassified)
  1. April Fools 2011: The Big List
  2. Tech jobs boom like it's 1999  "Jobs plentiful in Silicon Valley"
  3. Good advice in today's WSJ: 4 Questions CEO's should be asking about IT
  4. Amazon, Love The Kindle Ads Idea, But The Right Price Is $99
  5. 18 Million WordPress Blogs Compromised In Attack
  6. the rest of the story to the "Jump The Shark" line,  
  7. Hole in Plane Leads to Emergency Landing, Twitpic Shows Details
  8. Had a great briefing on semantic web. Starting to research on  &
  9. Curiosity piqued Royal Wedding lip readers decipher for the rest of us.
  10. Royal wedding highlights: 5min video [Telegraph UK]  
Social Business / Social Media
  1. Social business strategies that will take your business from the dark ages to the Renaissance
  2. Oh, I could get lost here for hours:  Google Social Circle
  3. Social Networking Strategies for Finding More Work
  4. [blog] social business summit london part 2
  5. The tweets are about to start for #sbs2011 Singapore. Read the London tweet archive for a preview:  
  6. Read the tweet transcript from @dachisgroup #sbs2011 Singapore
  7. Serendipity Happens...insightful preso and post  by @anadatagirl
  8. Why There Is No Facebook For The Enterprise
  9. Summarizing Social Business in Asia from #sbs2011
  10. From @davegray: I'm open-sourcing all my Connected Company images under a Creative Commons license. Spread the word!
  11. 18 Social Networking Icons  
  12.  @CarlGriffith's #SBS2011 summit summary.  
  13. Social Business Design Cometh
  14. Essential #socbiz stuff  
  15. Authentication, representation, communication, personalization, reputation: 5 Pieces of Online Identity
  16. The flat organization is not a new idea...RWW post on #e20 #socbiz by @klintron
  17. "The 2.0 Adoption Council - Asia Pacific Briefing" May 10, Webinar
  18. #sbs2011 reminder... there is a list of Summit presenter's Twitter accounts here  
  19. Why social business is different - Reusing stored collaboration  by @dhinchcliffe
  20. Google: Larry Page Ties Employee Bonuses To Social Strategy
Sunday Series
  1. Sunday Series: "God Has Dwelt Well with Me" Click 4/10 message:  Or direct to mp3:  by @DavidGuzik
  2. Sunday Series: "Blessed Is The Man..." Click the 02/13 message:  or direct to mp3:
  3. Sunday Series: "Living the Normal Christian Life" Click the 4/3 message:  or direct to mp3:
  4. Sunday Series: "Why Easter Matters" Click the Easter 2002 message:  Or direct to mp3:
  5. Sunday Series: "Come Join the Dance" Click the 3/13 message:  Or direct to mp3:
  1. Admob: 43% of owners spend more time on their tablet than PC
  2. Tablet computers as seen from 1994 -  
  3. Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet with Honeycomb and an optional stylus to hit this summer |  
Tracking Your iPhone Location
  1. Reading how to visualize your own iPhone tracking data. Requires OS X.
  2. Disabling location services won’t stop your iPhone from tracking your location
  3. Here is the Windows version of iPhone Tracker. It works for me:
  4. Wall Street Journal take on the iPhone tracking issue:
  5. Steve Jobs: Apple has "never transmitted" precise iPhone location to itself (WSJ)  "Will testify before Congress"
  6. iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go  
  7. Stalk Yourself: Use R to Analyze Your iPhone Location Data
  8. 3 Major Issues with the Latest iPhone Tracking “Discovery”
  1. OK, so this give's some insight on the shuttering of tweet archiving services:  Twitter to make $$$ on APIs
  2. Could Twitter Get “MySpaced”?  
  3. Netherlands passes Japan as most Twitter-active country in the world:  
  4. 10 ways nonprofits should use Twitter
  5. What Are Twitter Chats and Why Should You Care?
  6. Have you seen Fizz?  It visualizes tweets in a way.
  7. For Geeks—How to Capture Tweets in Real-time with Twitter's Streaming API
  8. Twitter Announces Fire Hose Marketplace: Up to 10k Keyword Filters for 30 Cents! by @marshallk
  9. London 2012 Olympics: it will be a Twitter Olympics – Telegraph Blogs 
  10. TechCrunch report on Twitter vs. UberMedia battle brewing
  11. Now I'm beginning to understand. I found my answers from Mr. Google

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